Smart people love travelling. Real travellers want to explore the cultures first hand. True explorers want to understand the communities being a part of them. Global Fellowship Nepal offers you the perfect cultural exchange platform. The fellows will get to understand and feel the rich Nepali culture and explore more of this beautiful Himalayan nation that will remain in their memories as a lifetime experience.

Generous people also like to volunteer for and serve the people and communities. Smart volunteers serve uniquely, exchanging skills and knowledge. Service brings satisfaction. GFN will help you create lifelong memories of serving the people in need. The fellows will get to work with different communities of Nepal in various social projects which eventually leads to their capacity and skill building as well during volunteering.

Happy people love to have fun. Sad people would want to have fun. Brave hearts would go for adventure. Trek along mountains. Go for a raft. Have a Bungy jump. Enjoy paragliding. Explore wild through safaris. GFN makes sure you will get the thrill the way you want in Nepal.

Interesting people have interesting hobbies. Teaching. Full time volunteering. Researching. Photography. Documentary making. Bird watching. Sleeping under the stars. GFN also cares about your specific hobbies and arranges stuff for you.

GFN’s tailor made programs allow you to exchange cultures, help local communities, go on adventures and pursue passion – all within a limited but joyful stay in Nepal with a typical host family.