Travelogue: Dumery Corentin

I discovered new things every day

I have no idea what Mrs. Basnyat said after that since she only spoke Nepali and back then I couldn’t understand a word. I got inside, tried their welcoming cucumber with chilies, and began settling.

This scene takes place in Thigureswara, Nepal, on the 29th of July 2018. I wish you could see this with your own eyes. The grass was the greenest I had ever seen, the dirt was of a vivid red and there were layers of mountains covered in trees all the way up to the horizon. I knew I would enjoy my time there.

I wasn’t here for this, however, as I, along with seven other French students, had volunteered to come to this village to teach students how to use computers. An organization
of four Nepalis called GFN was here to make this possible, and we stayed at one of their member’s parents’ house. I didn’t know what to expect ! I discovered new things every day, I learned a lot, and I gathered countless unforgettable memories. Let me show you a glimpse of what it was like.

Program: The Himalayan Exchange

Date: July/August 2018

Traveled to: Gorkha

Batch: Batch II