Global fellowship Nepal Foundation is a social enterprise, a registered profit not distributing company, which aims to uplift the rural communities of Nepal mostly with engagement of passionate volunteers from around the world.

The enterprise was co-found in 2019 by Shailesh Lamichhane (Chair), Prasanna Basnyat (Vice-Chair), Biplab Subedi, Arati Paneru and Maiya Thapa – all with roots in rural Nepal, equal passion for social empowerment and experience in working for the same.

Though an independent entity, the foundation works hand in hand with Global Fellowship Nepal Pvt Ltd for executing the relevant activities. Currently, Global Fellowship Nepal Foundation is working with GFN Pvt Ltd in executing its cultural service and community service activities.

Some of the other works the Foundation aims to do independently or in collaboration with other entities are establishment of libraries, sanitation programs, humanitarian relief programs and so on. Such activities (see video below) carried out by GFN Pvt Ltd shall now be undertaken by the Foundation.

Global Fellowship Nepal Foundation
Registered address: Shanti Tole, Tarakeshwor 08, Kathmandu
Contact office: Amrit Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu

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Legal details
Regd: 215348/75/076 (Kathmandu)
PAN No.: 609537264