About Us

Global Fellowship Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprise built upon a passion to bring together people across cultures and countries to primarily help uplift the less privileged communities of Nepal – and simultaneously exchange the ways of living and experience some of the best moments the country has to offer – all as part of our thoroughly and beautifully designed programs.

Co-founded in 2014, we got registered with the ‘Office of Company Registrar, Kathmandu’ under ‘Company Registration Act’ (Regd No. 136302) and Inland Revenue Department, Kathmandu (PAN No. 603503744) in 2015. Thanks to the trust put upon us by participants and institutions alike, are scaling up every year.

Our tailor made programs allow global minds to exchange cultures, help uplift local communities, go on adventures and pursue passion – all within a short yet joyful stay in Nepal with a typical host family. As per the nature of the programs, everyone is welcome to join us. Read more: who GFN is for?

Four Co-founders Biplab Subedi, Pradeep Ghimire, Prasanna Basnyat and Shailesh Lamichhane, who are a family to each other and deeply passionate in what GFN does, gave shape to the GFN to keep doing what they love – but with sustainable impacts and meaningful participation. Learn more about the team here.

Global Fellowship Nepal has partnered with several institutions and enterprises for smooth execution and meaningful impacts of our work. They include Debate Network Nepal for community service; Global Fellowship Nepal Foundation for cultural exchange and community service executions; Noble Treks for travel and logistics; Eagle Vision IT for IT support; Air Dynasty for rescue; and Lions Clubs International’s Leo Clubs of Kathmandu Central Town and Balaju Height for humanitarian relief. Furthermore, we have also officially collaborated with various governmental bodies such as Uttargaya Rural Municipality (2018-2023) and various community schools in Rasuwa for The Himalayan Exchange Batches. As per the requirement, our team reaches out forges meaningful partnerships with all possible and relevant local and non local stakeholders.

On the other hands, since 2017 we have worked with institutions like Telecom ParisTech, Edhec Business School, ITECH Lyon and Audencia Business School who have benefited from our programs. Our alumni from Vivre le Nepal program have set up Vivre le Nepal Association in France with which we work closely for various programs including providing debate workshops in France itself.

Different from Global Fellowship Nepal (Pvt Ltd.), Global fellowship Nepal Foundation is a social enterprise, a registered profit not distributing company, which aims to uplift the rural communities of Nepal mostly with engagement of passionate volunteers from around the world. The enterprise was co-found in 2019 by Shailesh Lamichhane (Chair), Prasanna Basnyat (Vice-Chair), Biplab Subedi, Arati Paneru and Maiya Thapa – all with roots in rural Nepal, equal passion for social empowerment and experience in working for the same.

Though an independent entity, the foundation works hand in hand with Global Fellowship Nepal Pvt Ltd for executing the relevant activities. Currently, Global Fellowship Nepal Foundation is working with GFN Pvt Ltd in executing its cultural service and community service activities. To learn more about the foundation, please visit the webpage.

We believe in uniqueness and we like to think out of the box. As a result, we have been working on developing innovative programs for students and professionals from all around the world. Our programs are given personal touch and fellows share a very strong bonding with the organizers and local community members.

The Himalayan Exchange, Vivre le Nepal, Live with the Himalayans and Go Gounley are our featured programs. Learn more about them here.

The following video, made by our alumnus Soline Hayes, takes you to a virtual and super brief experience of The Himalayan Exchange.

Besides such programs, we also involve ourselves regularly on various community service activities. This video describes one of the missions we undertook in 2018. Starting 2019, more of such activities shall be conducted through Global Fellowship Nepal Foundation.